Awards & Reviews

Best Audiobook of the Year, Benjamin Franklin Award, INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION, 2012.

“History” category, 2nd Place, CATHOLIC PRESS ASSOCIATION, 2012. “A unique collection of 50 famous American Catholic eulogies as delivered by well-known figures over the years, mostly In Memoriam printed tributes. Covers the broad expanse of the American Catholic experience: history, religion, politics, sports, ethnicity, entertainment, social justice, men and women.” — the Judges

“When you see the list of those being eulogized, you’ll understand the attraction [of this book]: Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Andre Dubus, Tim Russert, Mother Katharine Drexel, Flannery O’Connor and Chaplain Fr. Mychal Judge are among the 50 Catholics who are remembered. … An introduction by poet Thomas Lynch seals the deal that this is worth reading.” — NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER

“Like any good eulogy, this book focuses not only on death, but on life. Carol DeChant gathers 50 eulogies that mark the passing of Catholics in America, in which “we get real glimpses of life’s meaning and our own,” says the undertaker poet Thomas Lunch in the worth-the-price-of-the-book foreword.” — US CATHOLIC

“How many times have you heard an inspiring eulogy at a funeral and wished that you had a copy of it to save and keep? Author Carol DeChant set out to find and preserve outstanding Catholic eulogies for posterity, and in the process has provided a broad picture window into American life. This poignant book’s variety is astonishing …. [it] is very, very far from sorrowful; it is filled with the energy, life and light — and sometimes humor — of the people it celebrates. It is uplifting and a treat to read.” — SHARE MAGAZINE, Summer, 2012



“….a thoughtful and intriguing look at American Catholicism, a core addition to Religion and Christianity collections.” — MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW,

Great American Catholic Eulogies yields joy hour after hour…This is a collection for all ages, for the ages.” — AMERICAN CATHOLIC

“This inspiring and entertaining book … a nice gift for those interested in spirituality or Catholic history and is recommended for parish, college, and seminary libraries.” — CATHOLIC LIBRARY WORLD

NOTRE DAME MAGAZINE Cafe Book Selection, Summer, 2011

CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE review, fall, 2011